IBP GlassWalk Floor System Creates Dramatic Floors

IBP GlassWalk Floor System Creates Dramatic Floors

Fort Worth, Texas - GlassWalk™ IBP's structural glass flooring system utilizes laminated glass lites from 12" x 12" and individual pieces up to 48" x 48" in size. The concept is based upon IBP's proven 6" glass paver Floor System. This pre-engineered structural floor system increases the visual appeal of the floor, and increases light transmission, while reducing lead times for product fabrication in both residential and commercial applications.
The GlassWalk system installs easily on-site in a similar fashion to the standard IBP Grid Floor System that utilizes an aluminum grid framework. The laminated glass is available in over thirty different ceramic “frit” patterns. These patterns insure a non-slip walking surface that meets the most stringent codes. An open weave “frit” pattern can be applied to the top surface for slip resistance without an obscurity layer below. This creates the feeling of “walking on air.” Special order laminated glass can have company logos, directional signage, or custom patterns screened onto the interior glass surface. Custom radius corners, curves or special size or shape laminated glass can be created. Commercial and residential applications include floors, landings, walkways, stairs and more.
The IBP Floor System creates dynamic, functional structures that harness natural sunlight and also allow artificial light to flow through and illuminate the space below at night. Free design services are available for this and all IBP products.
IBP also offers the original glass block flooring system for residential and commercial applications featuring 8” glass block pavers.


Architects: For a CE unit in any of 6 different programs, take our free online class: Glass Floor Walkways and Stair Treads.


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