Mountain View K-8 School

Project Description

This school is located in the high plains of Wyoming and accommodates grades K-8. It was designed around the small learning community concept, which breaks the school into four separate instructional pods. These separate learning communities allow the school district to theme these areas for grade appropriate curriculum and for the separation of middle school students from elementary school students.

• Glass: Translucent Glass with Standard Dot Pattern Traction Control Frit
• Grid: Standard Clear Anodized “Matte Silver” Finish


Architect: Sandstrom Architecture
Owner: Uinta County School District #4
Installer: Aladdin Industries, Inc.
Location: Mountain View, WY


Upcoming events

2019 International Builders Show
Feb. 19-21
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Las Vegas, NV


3024 Acme Brick Plaza
Fort Worth, TX 76109
206 Dotson St
Denton, TX 76205