Top 5 design trends for 2019

Every year architectural designs evolve to meet consumers needs. Below are the 5 top design trends this year:

  1. Use of Traditional Organic Materials: Organic materials such as Glass, Natural Stone, and Metals are being incorporated into interior and outdoor living spaces. Polished glossy surfaces of these materirals enhance the appearance of an area while not over powering the space. Their timeless nature plus the strength and durability of these materials make them an excellent choice for designers.
  2. Blending Functionality With Luxury: Architects and designers are turning to luxurious as well as functional design elements. Every piece should have a purpose and be cohesive with the overall design concept.
  3. Bringing The Outdoors In: Allowing natural light into an interior space is not only aesthetically pleasing - it also helps to reduce energy costs. “Daylighting” has been shown in studies to improve the well-being and productivity of occupants. Warm natural color tones, increasing the presence of plants in a living areas, and views of the outdoor surroundings can also be employed to bring the serenity of nature indoors.
  4. Elegant Straight Lines and Geometric Shapes: The simplicity of straight lines and geometric shapes add a modern flair to any design. The addition of soft curves are also an appealing touch.
  5. Eco Friendly Products: Green consciousness is definitely important to architects and consumers alike. Materials and resources used need to be environmentally friendly. Being able to repurpose and/or recycle materials is often the objective while keeping in mind energy consumption and the impact on the ecological footprint.

IBP's products can help ensure your design is in-line with this year’s top design trends.

  • IBP’s Use Of Traditional Organic Materials: IBP’s pre-engineered aluminum grid systems are a great way to add glass, stone or terracotta cladding to your design. IBP systems are strong, lightweight, easy to install , and proven in hundreds of application nationwide.
  • IBP Products Blend Functionality With Luxury:  IBP products are both functional and aesthetically appealing. (See the images below—along with the images on our website.) I think you will agree that IBP products make an impressive statement.
  • IBP Brings The Outdoors In: Our glass products (IBP’s Glass Block Grid System and GlassWalk Flooring Systems) are an excellent way to allow natural light into a space.
  • IBP Offers Straight Lines and Custom Shapes: Our systems are designed with stylish straight lines. Custom shapes can also be accommodated for your personal design.
  • IBP products are Eco-Friendly: The aluminum structural members in the heart of our systems has up to 25% post-consumer content. This makes them compatible with popular green build standards. The simplicity of the system makes it possible to relocate a system for reuse at another location if desired (thus reducing landfill waste).

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