Let IBP Glass Stair Treads Elevate Your Design

Let IBP Glass Stair Treads Elevate Your Design

IBP's glass stairs create functional beauty in any room.  They are suitable whether the look desired is bold and contemporary or traditional and timeless.
As with IBP GlassWalk Flooring, a variety of ceramic frit or acid etch finishes can be applied to the surface of the glass to provide a safe and durable walking surface. IBP glass stair treads are designed to meet stringent building standards. Since all of our designs are custom to your project, we are able to accommodate special design requirements such as contrasting strip on the nose of stair treads to meet ADA requirements when needed. Special stair tread shapes can also be produced. The design possibilities are endless.     

Each GlassWalk Stair Tread System features 3-ply glass that is 1-1/4" thick and can free span up to 56" wide with two-sided support.  The system's exclusive aluminum support brackets are designed to hide the mounting screws. IBP's time tested systems are a preferred choice of architects nationwide. 

Below are some images of just a few of IBP's GlassWalkST projects:







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