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The Top Five Design Trends For 2019

Every year architectural designs evolve to meet consumers needs. Below are the 5 top design trends this year:

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Let IBP Glass Stair Treads Elevate Your Design

IBP's glass stairs create functional beauty in any room while allowing light to flow freely in a given space. They are suitable if the look desired is bold and contemporary or traditional and timeless. We can assist you in deciding the layout that is right for your project - whether it is with our standard support brackets or a custom glass tread (requiring a special shape and/or makeup) to fit your design. The design possibilities are endless!

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Exhibiting Excellence With IBP

IBP Structural Glass is perfect for spaces that will house either a temporary or permanent exhibit. It is especially ideal for temporary exhibits since the grid system can be removed and repurposed for future use.  The simplicity and versatility of the system makes re-use in either a new location or the same location possible.

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Endless Design Possibilities With IBP

Glass allows for the optimization of limited space in a project.  Adding structural glass as an extra design element to an area, that normally would not be utilized, enhances a project's sophistication and appeal.  As you can see below, the design possibilities using IBP's glass flooring are endless in both residential and commercial settings.

Check out some of the unique design images below.

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IBP Glass Block Canopy Provides Economical Protection and Natural Light

IBP (Innovative Building Products) has developed a glass block canopy application for their patented Glass Block Grid System. The Grid System provides simple, mortar-free installation of glass block into canopy structures in a variety of residential and commercial applications. This new application of the IBP Grid enables designers to specify a transparent canopy at significant savings over structural glass.

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