San Antonio Residence

Project Description

The Architect of this custom San Antonio home exposed the hidden wine cellar by utilizing an IBP GlassWalk SG Floor System. The floor opening was 4 ft. square. The architect selected a standard traction control ceramic frit pattern called "Boiler Plate". Traction Control Frits are fused to the top surface during the tempering process. Frits are an ideal method for providing a safe walking surface for glass. The beauty of the ceramic frit application is you have several standard patterns to choose from or you can design your own custom pattern. The frits can be translucent as well as colored to give you infinite design options.

• Glass: Transparent Glass with Boiler Plate TC Frit
• Grid: Standard Clear Anodized “Matte Silver” Finish



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3024 Acme Brick Plaza
Fort Worth, TX 76109